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Welcome to N.S. Pawliuk & Son Contracting

What We Do

We provide services in the water and sewer infrastructure industry. Our specialty is to help expand the existing water and sewer infrastructure by creating connections so that new pipes can be run to offer water and sewer service to new subdivisions, towns, hospitals, factories and other applicable expansions. We are very specialized. We don’t put in pipes; we only make the connections.

If a new subdivision needs new water and sewer service, we can start them off by “tapping” into the line and adding a connection so that contractors can come in and run the water and sewer lines. If a hospital or factory/plant is doing an expansion, then we can tap into their existing water and sewer pipes to allow feeders. If a town is being served by a long water line, they may need to control the flow of water in this line, and a valve insertion will allow them to do this. If a water line is in the way of the construction of a road, a line stop could be the answer. These are examples of the type of work we do. There are many more applications.

Typically, our consumers need the job done quickly and successfully. Often they are facing pressure regarding completion times, and our service is the fastest way to perform connections.

Our service is completed with minimal water loss, which makes it the sensible choice environmentally. Chlorination of the water line is not necessary, and water quality is not compromised.

N.S. Pawliuk & Son Contracting Ltd. is committed to working with the community. To view more about our position, please visit our Community page. To learn more about our staff and our commitments, please view our Team page. We are proud supporters of the Royal Canandian Humane Association. For more information regarding how we work with them, please click here.

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