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Welcome to N.S. Pawliuk & Son Contracting

At N.S. Pawliuk & Son Contracting Ltd, we provide services in the water line infrastructure industry, specializing in creating new connections off an existing water or sewer line while the line is under pressure. This is known as hot tapping. We can tap virtually any material or size of municipal water line.

  • Providing safe, reliable, and efficient services in the water line infrastructure industry since 1945.
  • Specializing in hot taps, valve insertions, line stops, and hydrant repair/maintenance.
  • Have ability to tap virtually any material or size of municipal water line.
  • Work nation-wide.
  • No need to shut down line.  We work on live pipes which saves time and money.
  • Use environmentally friendly/NSF61/food-grade products.

We also specialize in installing permanent valves into live water lines, known as valve insertions, (available in 4-12" and 16") and non-permanent stops into larger water or sewer lines (i.e. 16” - 66”), known as line stops.

We don’t put in pipes; we only make the connections.


We are not limited to Alberta and Saskatchewan - our services are available across Canada!

Our consumers need the job done quickly, safely, and successfully. Often they are facing pressure regarding completion times, and our service is the fastest and easiest way to perform connections. Further, equipment downtime is reduced as customer crews can continue working as our picker trucks are able to lift and lower all of our necessary equipment. Our service is completed with minimal water loss (usually less than 20 litres), making it an environmentally friendly choice. Further, there is no need to chlorinate the water line, as water quality is not compromised.

We also have a large inventory of sleeves and valves, so we should easily be able to find the one that matches your need.

We are also active at trade shows across the country. We will post any upcoming trade shows that we will be at here. Please visit us!

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