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Valve Insertions


  • A new connection onto an existing water main or sewer without interruption of flow.

  • Stock over 300 sleeves and can provide service for many hot taps in 24 hours.

  • Can be performed on Asbestos Cement (AC), Cast/Ductile Iron, PVC, Steel, Concrete Cylinder, and HDPE pipe.

  • Hot taps range in size from 3/4” - 40+” (75mm - 1000mm).

Valve Insertions


  • A permanent valve inserted into a main without interruption to flow.

  • Used to isolate a line for future work, to interrupt water flow in a long line, or to control flow in general.

  • Installations take a couple of hours and no additional contractor equipment is needed.

  • Performed on AC, Ductile/Cast Iron, PVC, and Steel pipe.

  • Valve insertion sizes range from 4” - 24” (100mm - 600mm).

Valve Insertions


  • A temporary valve inserted into a main.

  • Can install double line stops with a bypass connector to keep main flowing while work being performed on line in between stops.

  • Can be performed on any size pipe.

Valve Insertions


  • Able to repair most makes and models of fire hydrants including Canada Valve, McAvity, Daigle, and AVK.

  • Can perform flow testing to determine flow rate and pressure.

  • Barrel cutting which cuts and grooves hydrant barrel simultaneously without the need for excavation.

Valve Insertions


  • We have small tapping machines available for rent.

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