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Hot Taps in Edmonton and Calgary

A hot tap is done when a connection to a water main or sewer force main is required without interrupting flow in the existing main. This process is called hot tapping. We tap into a “live” water or sewer line without turning it off. This means that while water (or sewer) is running, we attach a sleeve, a valve, and a tapping (drilling) machine, then drill a hole into the pipe. When we’re finished, we remove the tapping machine and leave the sleeve and valve behind. This allows contractors to attach pipes as necessary. At N.S. Pawliuk & Son Contracting Ltd., we have over 300 tapping sleeves in our inventory, reducing the project time since we don’t have to wait on sleeves to be manufactured and shipped.

For example, a hot tap may be used when adding a fire hydrant, creating water service or sewer service to a new building or subdivision. This is done without disruption to water consumers in the area (such as businesses, residents, and institutions).

It is the efficient, environmentally-friendly and economical choice. No chlorination of the line is required. No water is wasted. No lab reports to wait for. Furthermore, for many of our hot tap services, installations only take a few hours and no equipment is needed from customers as we have our own picker trucks.

Hot Tap Sizes and Capabilities

Sizes: We can perform virtually all sizes of hot taps. 

Line Materials: We tap steel, ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, HDPE and concrete cylinder pipe. 

Lead Times: We stock over 300 sleeves and can provide service for many hot taps in 24 hours; however, advanced notice is best to ensure sizes are in stock and is required for special orders.

Our Portfolio of Hot Taps

Since 1945, N.S. Pawliuk & Son Contracting Ltd. has installed thousands of hot taps. Our portfolio of projects extends across Western Canada. Here is a small sampling of the types of hot taps we do for our customers:

  1. Epcor - 54 x 36 inch CCP hot tap & 42 x 36 inch steel hot tap
  2. Anthony Henday Project – two 24 x 24-inch steel hot taps
  3. Lethbridge – 18 x 16 inch AC hot tap

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