Line Stops

Line Stops from Edmonton, AB

This procedure involves inserting a temporary plug in an existing water main or sewer main. Additionally, double stops can be done with a bypass connector used to keep the main flowing while work is done on the isolated section.

Line Stops

We provide Line Stops for the following customers:

  • Municipalities
  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Schools
  • And other customers

Our Portfolio of Line Stops

Three samples of line stops from our portfolio:

  1. Northwest Anthony Henday Ring Road - 42-inch concrete cylinder pipe water main with bypass, a 36-inch concrete cylinder pipe (CCP) sewer force main with bypass, and a 22-inch steel and 18-inch asbestos cement line stop
  2. Royal Glenora Club (Edmonton, AB) - 20-inch steel double stop
  3. Town of Devon - 18-inch steel single stop

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